AD Monetization

Engaging Ad placements together with Ad mediation management increase your game’s Ad revenue higher than ever before.

Awesome Ad experience for your players.

How It Works


Our experts deconstruct and analyze your current Ad placements, Waterfall mediation setup and KPIs.

After a detailed analysis we design changes in Ad placements as well as waterfall setup to achieve revenue uplift based on deep market knowledge and professional experience.

Everything stays under your account with full transparency on our end.

Easy implementation
Whole process from design to release rarely takes longer than a few weeks and results being strong ROI.

Growth of player’s engagement
Non-payers will gain an option to receive attractive rewards which results in higher retention.

Ad LTV improvement
Increased LTV & Revenue opens up a whole new opportunities for you.

The Successes

Our result oriented approach was not just talk, as we value our clients’ success the most.

Robbery Bob 2

Level Eight


After precise deconstruction of the game our experts decided to implement New Ad placement to boost the Ad conversion. At the same time new Ad network was implemented into the Waterfall mediation setup to further increase eCPMs.

Achieved Results


ARPDAU Improvement
thanks to innovative Ad monetization design

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