AI Special Offer Personalization

We increase your IAP revenue with AI-driven special offers customized for each player individually, safe delivery and optimization through rigorous AB testing.

Turn your players into payers.

How It Works


We deploy our AI/ML personalization technology to deliver the right content for the right price at the right time for each player in a game.

The key to fair monetization is deep user-level personalization using gameplay and monetary behavior.

We are prioritizing long-term revenue increase over short-term boost as we understand that most of the value in your game is created by spenders engaged for years.

Safe LTV Improvement
We prioritize QA and we always test every change on a small subset of players first.

Fast Results
We can increase revenue of your game with minimal new development time, utilizing already existing content in the game in a controlled manner.

THE Successes

Our result oriented approach was not just talk, as we value our clients’ success the most.

Hill Climb Racing 2



NET IAP Revenue
relative improvement in 2019 & 2020


Playrix & iDreamSky


NET Offer IAP Revenue
relative in 2020

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