GAME assessmentS

We help you understand the opportunity across wide range of business verticals, whether your game is in the concept, early production or already launched.

Concept assessment

Concept Assessment helps you determine patterns in UA & creative production for profitable UA adjusted to fluctuating market conditions. This product will establish your CTR/CPI benchmarks for the desired visual styles and target audiences and will determine the size of target audience and game’s potential reach. As a result you will have clear current state of the game from LTV angle focusing on profitability and meta-game. The feature set of the game will be deconstructed to the lowest level in context of the current market positioning.


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Live Game Scalability Assessment



one-time fee

  • UA Data Health
  • UA Assessment & UA Management
  • Creative Assessment & Creative Production
  • UA Evaluation Data Infrastructure
  • LTV Modelling & ROI Prediction
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Game Design Assessment (Ad + IAP Monetization)
  • Personalization & Special Offers Assessment
  • Ad Waterfall Setup Audit

Game Concept Testing & Assessment



one-time fee

  • Concept Marketability Assessment
  • Concept LTV Assessment
  • Market Positioning Assessment
  • UA Management & Creative Production (CPI Testing)

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