Business Intelligence & DATA Analytics

We help gaming companies build their data infrastructure so key stakeholders can make solid data-driven decisions. On top of this we also provide BI, analytics & data science manpower to tackle even the hardest questions. 

Understand your players


Fully-Managed Data Analytics Infrastructure

We extend, build and maintain data analytics infrastructure using our in-house developed technology focused on the most important use cases for all decision makers in your company.

Our goal is to make data available in the right form to different stakeholders, from C-level focusing on essential business KPIs and forecasts, to game economy designers getting the right user-level economy data for progression balancing.

With the module-based structure of our data analytics solution and your full data ownership you will never be left in the dark again.

Actionable Analytics

We help you by extracting actionable insights from the data you have at your disposal, and consult on the findings with your team.

Our main focus is on game business analytics, where we analyze acquisition, engagement & monetization data to build a complete picture of your game business and where you should focus next. 

With our game & economy design team we also work on progression models and assess retention & monetization impact of new features.

Dynamic LTV / ROAS Prediction

Understand how your players spending habits develop over time. We help you model LTV curves on a cohort level on the lowest granularity possible so you can forecast your future revenue and see the progress you are making version after version.

For evaluation of UA performance our dynamic AI technology calculates ROAS prediction that gives you the information you need to scale the spend up or down to hit your profitability benchmarks.


Our process may be different to what you have experienced so far. No sugar-coating, no wishful thinking. We help you deliver results that you need to make confident decisions. 



We audit critical parts of your data analytics infrastructure to determine opportunities. We prepare plan for a Pilot engagement.

2 weeks, money-back guarantee.



We develop and extend your data infrastructure to deliver use cases and/or we deliver insights to your team.

One-time project, 1-4 months.



We focus on the continuous delivery of services constantly adjusting to your changing needs and development of new features.

On-going cooperation & partnership.


Fully-Managed Data Analytics Infrastructure



per month

  • Integrations (Game, Attribution, Ad Networks, Stores etc.)
  • Processing Pipeline (ETL & ELT)
  • Data Visualization (Dashboards & Reports)
  • Data Tracking Specification & QA
  • Efficiency & Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance & Expert Analytics Support

Actionable Analytics



per month

  • Recommendations & Improvements Based on Patterns in Data
  • Explorative Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • A/BTest Design & Hypotheses Generation
  • Playerbase Segmentation

Custom LTV / ROAS Prediction



per month

  • Data Discovery
  • LTV Model Setup
  • UA ROI Performance Prediction
  • UA Breakeven Analysis
  • Monthly UA Benchmarks Definition

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