Ask The Experts #6 – The secret of success of Project Makeover




How can unknown studio Bubblegum Games create a successful game Project Makeover?

Project Makeover is indeed very successful. According to SensorTower the Project Makeover grossed more than $30 million on iAP revenue in January 2020. This is only 2 months after the global launch.

It’s not common that an unknown studio releases a new hit. And it is no different in this case. If you check Project Makeover website, you can find out that it was created by Magic Tavern studio, which also created Matchington Mansion. It means they are pros in Match-3 games as well as at scaling them with the help of AppLovin.

On the other hand you are not able to create a new hit by copying an existing game. Project Makeover brings major innovation that lies in meta gameplay:

  • Wider audience: narrative, make-up, dress-up and decoration meta has potential to attract way more players compared to previous titles
  • Meta focus: the game focuses on meta way more than any other previous Match-3 game. I can even imagine the meta alone of Project Makeover would be a good game.
  • Reality show feeling: meta creates a feeling of the player being a reality show main star that changes the lives of other people. This is really attractive for the core audience, since until today they were able to only watch this as spectators on TV.

If you are interested in reading more about Project Makeover, I recommend the following article on GameRafinery: How to crack the match 3 code.

Michal Minárik, Head of Game Design & Monetization

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