Ivan Trancik – The Evolution of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Gaming, Wed3, and the Metaverse are just some of the topics covered in this TalksWithDivya.  With Ivan himself being an avid gamer and studying Computer Science at university, it was only natural to start a business that feeds off such attributes. Applying his big data and analytics knowledge with his passion for gaming, Ivan created an […]

What is a Core Loop

What do all games have in common? Let’s imagine a hyper casual game and a 4X strategy with complex mechanics. Can you spot what they have in common design-wise? It is so obvious, yet many developers tend to ignore it, focusing instead on other systems. It is what keeps motivating players to play, engages them in a rewarding way, and keeps […]

Ask the Experts #7 – Refunds & ROAS

What is the general best practice with refunds of purchases for Android platforms as it relates to ROAS calculations? Since they tend to be minor (less than 3% on average), we don’t take refunds into consideration. Mikka