Case study:

Hill Climb Racing 2

Tremendous increase in LTV via deeply personalized special offers helped Hill Climb Racing 2 achieve exceptional results. 

“For the past 3 years, Superscale has been a key partner in lifting Fingersoft’s analytics, special offers and UA operations to a whole new level in Hill Climb Racing 2.”

Ville Rauma

COO of Fignersoft

The Challenge

Improving LTV of the game so the game can be scaled through paid UA.

The Solution

SuperScale delivered Hill Climb Racing 2 a package filled with various solutions:

  • Support with Setup of Segmentation & Personalized Offers Delivery Stack
  • Creating Segments, Offers
  • Pricing & Executing Iteration of Personalized Offers
  • Evaluation of Offers and Preparation of Reports

At first we deployed Special Offers Optimization using only existing game content, which was later on followed by Modelling of Purchasing & Gameplay Behaviour, based on Data Science

Right Pricing and Evaluation of Content for each player individually.

Last but not least, we deployed Hyper-Segmented Offers (up to 40k unique offers in some iterations).

Want similar results for your game?

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