F2p Game Economy Design

Well-crafted progression & economy creates spending depth that withstands even highest tier spenders.

Power, Progression and Economy balance keeps players engaged and paying.

How It Works


We help you create custom economy systems reflecting specifics of your game.

We use our economy modeling tools and know-how to take existing value in your game and provide you with economy that balances retention & monetization.

Whether your game is based on shard gacha (Clash Royale), solid token gacha (Empires & Puzzles), idle exponential economy (Adventure Capitalist) or Saga / Level progression, we got you covered.

Perfect balance
Tight balance is boring, generous one costs you revenue. We help you find the perfect balance.

Desirable progression
Laying down the right set of goals throughout the whole players journey incentivizes players to progress step by step.

THE Successes

Our result oriented approach was not just talk, as we value our clients’ success the most.

Tanks a lot

Highcore & Boombit

Scope of Partnership 

After careful analysis of current state of economy (taps, pools, sinks) we iterated on top of existing Token gacha economy. Some taps were decreased, ticket currency was removed and new monetizable taps were introduced.

This way we got the economy into balance and at the same time new monetization sources were created.

Achieved Results


Revenue Increase
thanks to Economy rebalance

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