Protect your bottom-line with minimal resources.


We will take full responsibility of your game so you can focus on your other priorities, whether it is the next big project, company growth or anything else.

Our goal is to grow your game as much as possible utilizing all our available resources. The game always stays under your account and in your ownership.


Protected bottom-line

  • Our continuous commitments to improvement and live-ops support means that the baseline revenue will be secured for you

UA & LTV Growth

  • We focus on improvement of the game, content, shop and monetization
    User Acquisition that maximizes profit by targeting valuable players and optimizing UA funnel

Live-Ops Management

  • Full liveops support with the aim to engage your player base
  • Balancing the engagement against monetization to maximize long-term revenue potential

Game Development, Content Production & QA

  • Development of new content, features, monetization, SDK updates & liveops
  • QA & technical tasks are handled by our development team

Need to sharpen your user acquisition?

Contact us, if you want to grow your player base with the help of our experts.