Monetization & product

For those situations when the core game is great but monetization is not we offer you our team consisting of experienced game & economy designers, ad optimization experts and data scientists, enhanced by our in-house developed technology for economy modeling and better offers/ad targeting. We will deconstruct your game, identify the greatest profit-scaling opportunities and deliver results. 

GRowth through ltv optimization

Your game’s business depends on the revenue. We are experts in F2P game & economy design 

F2P Game & Economy Design

Challenges with setting up gacha drop-rates? In-game economy suffers inflation? How to add new progression system for high spending players? Our team of senior game designers & analysts can help you with all parts of design from core-game to meta layer, experiment design and hypotheses validation.

AI Personalization for Special Offers

Most games on the market are not maximizing revenue as offers in the game are boring, irrelevant, wrongly priced or all three. We will analyze & segment your player base, create engaging offers and deliver relevant content at relevant time for a relevant price to maximize revenue.

Ad Monetization

Ad monetization YoY growth is already much higher than IAP growth. Our expertise covers waterfall management, deal negotiation, benchmarking of ad networks while everything stays under your account. We also understand ad placements and how to increase ad engagement by utilizing best practices in game design.


Our process may be different to what you have experienced so far. No sugar-coating, no wishful thinking. We help you scale your game to the maximum potential. If there are any obstacles in the way you will know before your investment gets too big. 



We audit critical parts of your game to determine overall profit-scaling readiness. We prepare a plan for the Pilot engagement.

2 weeks, money-back guarantee.



We assess the maximum scalability potential of your game by demonstrating a profit scaling opportunity through series of experiments.

One-time project, 4-12 weeks.



We focus on achieving your growth goals for your game, constantly improving the LTV as we go.

On-going cooperation & partnership.


Because the results we bring our partners speak more than words.

F2p Game & Economy Design



per month

  • F2P Design

  • Monetization Engine
  • Core Game, Metagame & Progression
  • Economy Balancing
  • A/B Testing
  • Game Production & Direction
  • Design Documents Creation
  • Live Ops Management

AI Personalization for Special Offers



per month or 30% true uplift success fee 

  • Cloud Analytics Pipeline

  • Automated AI Personalization Engine
  • Playerbase Segmentation
  • Game Content & IAP Analysis
  • Special Offer Management
  • Special Offer Generation & Delivery System
  • Evaluation & System Improvements

Ad Monetization



per month

  • Ad Placement Assessment

  • Ad Waterfall Audit
  • Ad Waterfall Management
  • Ad Placement Design
  • Data Analytics for Ads
  • Ad LTV Model

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