Dear Angular enthusiasts,

we invite you to this year’s second public meet-up of Bratislava Angular community.

ngBeer is a regular meeting of enthusiasts and future Angulare users. Part of the event is a relaxed debate with a beer and pizza.

When: 15th May at 5:30 pm CEST

Where: CBC I. Karadžičova 8, in coworking space HubHub on 3rd floor

Topics for this meet-up are:

  • RxJS Testing
    Vladimír Hudoba (Exponea)
  • Typed Translations or i18n Using Dependency Injection and Lazy-Loading
    Vojtech Mašek (FlowUp)
  • Maybe Functional Programming?
    Alexander Kromka (SuperScale)

Hurry up to register for free! Attendance is limited to 50 people:

Facebook event here.

See ya!