Maximize the lifetime value of your players using only existing assets within the game.

‘Optimize’ is the perfect AI/ML monetization solution for mobile games with large playerbases and will improve your ARPU. It is safe (through A/B testing), hands-off once implemented and will unlock double-digit growth for your mobile game.

In-game offer personalization

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence/machine learning technology means any in-game optimizations can be safely implemented with no negative impact on retention. Discounts and the number of ad impressions will also not be increased.


SuperScale will prove the significant revenue increase on a small sample of players through rigorous A/B testing. Once completed, the tests can be scaled safely across the whole playerbase to achieve maximum revenue gain.

Core benefits & features:

Ad placement design and mediation management

After detailed analysis, changes are made within ad placements and the waterfall setup to achieve revenue uplift based on deep market knowledge, professional experience and trustworthy data.

Core benefits & features:

SuperScale is an all-in-one growth solution that helps mobile games and blockchain apps improve their ROAS visibility post-IDFA, maximize game revenue and accelerate user acquisition.

Cooperation steps



Scope of our partnership:

Set up personalization models, pricing of targeted offers, and iterative personalized offers delivery. Managed by a team of data scientists.


+32% offer LTV improvement compared to the previous offer system on targeted channels


During our cooperation we have increased LTV tremendously by implementing deeply personalized special offers.
In personalization we have focused on combination of both gameplay and monetization behavior of all major segments of players.


+31% IAP Revenue