Playable Ads

We create high-end playable ads that bring you higher quality players, lower uninstall rate, and help you maximize ROAS.

It’s better to play something once than to see it a thousand times.

How It Works


We tailor the UA strategy to your performance and growth goals, considering the current state of the game (retention, monetization) and any previous UA efforts.

We will help you to hit your goals through the execution and optimization of UA campaigns across multiple channels based on the granular data evaluation.

THE Successes

Our result oriented approach was not just talk, as we value our clients’ success the most.

Darts Club | Hotel Transylvania Blast | Rumble Stars

Boombit |  Sony Pictures | Boombit

Playable Ads

Achieved Results


D28 Retention
A/B test playable vs non-playable ad


A/B test playable vs non-playable ad

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