Achieving expert-level UA retargeting for mobile games


It’s no secret that by using retargeting strategies effectively, mobile game developers can increase engagement and retain users for longer periods of time. But the tricky part is exactly how to do this, especially in a post-IDFA world.

This webinar aims to help you understand the fundamentals of building expert-level retargeting and covers different strategies for different skill sets, product types and team sizes. There’s no doubt retargeting has become more difficult in recent years, but it’s certainly still lucrative if executed properly. We will also provide real-world examples of where we have had success for our partners using such methods.

In this webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  • The goal of retargeting
  • Preparation
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Audience segmentation
  • The creative communication strategy
  • Importance of creative approach, ideas and execution
  • Communication of the big market players
  • Multiple levels of retargeting complexity
  • Evaluation


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Milan Straba, Director of Professional Services

Martin Luther, Head of Creative
Simona Galkova, Head of Big Data
#bigdata #creatives #growthmarketing #Self-publishing



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