How Ad Monetization changes doubled NimbleBit’s overall revenue


Introduction to NimbleBit

Having been on the market for over 10 years, NimbleBit are one of the pioneers of the F2P model in mobile games. The company has developed successful games with tens of millions of players and works with leading global brands such as LEGO. As well as developing original games, NimbleBit also publishes and grows third-party games meaning they are well regarded as one of the most established companies in the gaming industry.

Objective: Helping NimbleBit’s existing franchise of games to maximize their revenue and discover hidden opportunities

How the implementation of an ad monetization strategy led to 116% overall revenue growth

By teaming up with SuperScale, NimbleBit gained access to experts who audited their existing ad monetization and mediation stack. The audit highlighted three main areas of opportunity:

  • Ad Conversion: SuperScale introduced new ad placements with greater visibility leading to a much-improved conversion rate.
  • Ads/DAU (average ad views per daily active user): To boost ads/DAU, SuperScale designed ad placements where players were motivated to watch multiple rewarded videos per day.
  • Ad Mediation: To maximize eCPM, a new mediation stack was created along with new ad networks, optimized bidding and waterfall changes.

NimbleBit’s results after implementing SuperScale’s ad monetization strategy

After implementing these changes, NimbleBit saw a major increase in key metrics:

  • +116% overall revenue growth
  • 4x eCPM increase
  • +25% Conversion increase (absolute)
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