Discover growth potential. Enable UA and LTV growth with a state-of-the-art analytics solution.

‘Analyze’ offers incomparable data visibility for mobile and blockchain games in a post-IDFA world.

SuperETL - Data connector and processor

A custom built tool that is superior to anything currently available on the market, SuperETL connects and combines all relevant data sources and transforms it into actionable insights on the Analyze dashboard.

The core benefits are:

Marketing and product dashboards

The Analyze solution presents relevant metrics for various stakeholders on a single dashboard. Dashboards can be custom built to fit the needs of each game/stakeholder and are applicable to C-level employees, marketers, producers and game designers.

The core benefits are:

Data engineering support

SuperScale’s data scientists will assess the games data infrastructure and processing pipeline. Once completed, opportunity areas will be identified and SuperScale will support with the implementation of these changes.

The core benefits are:

SuperScale will set up data collection, data ingestion and data processing in a cost and time efficient manner to enable agile extraction of analytics insights.

Case studies

Discover how some of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world have used the Analyze solution.

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