Superscale platform

Enable UA & LTV growth with a state-of-the-art data analytics platform. 

what you get

Data Engineering Support

  • Assessment of your data infrastructure and data processing pipeline for visualization of data and retrieval of actionable insights
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement and support with implementation of recommendations.

Data Connector & Processing Tools

  • SuperScale’s in-house developed tools for cost & time efficient data management
  • includes connector to data sources, data processing pipeline & data health monitoring tool

Efficient Analytics Setup

  • Setup of data collection, data ingestion and data processing in a cost & time efficient manner to enable agile extraction of analytics insights

UA & Monetization Dashboards

  • essential KPI dashboards (for all relevant stakeholders)
  • UA performance dashboards (including predicted ROI performance)
  • custom dashboards creation (ad hoc creation of additional visualizations to cover all stakeholders’ needs)