WEBINAR: How to Scale a Mobile Game Post-IDFA in 2023

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • See how the iOS platform can significantly outperform the Android platform
  • Understand your UA and ASO’s impact on the growth of a game
  • Find out how to synchronize all of your multi-channel growth activities
  • Learn how to maximize revenue across UA, ASO and creatives
  • Find out the most important techniques for successfully scaling on iOS
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How to develop a mobile game with UA in mind

Many publishers only dedicate a small amount of time to thinking about marketing when developing a game. Focusing purely on playability often costs tens of thousands (and sometimes more) down the line and can make it impossible to get certain visual shots due to the time constraints of having to manually complete a game.


This blog will help publishers, big and small, discover what is meant by ‘developing a game with UA in mind’ and give some tips on how to best execute this.

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