We are the growth partner for game developers and publishers.


We help from all angles.

As experts in multiple fields we become an extension of your team and free your time so you can focus on what you know best, creating amazing games.

Publishing & Analytics Infrastructure

We help gaming companies & publishers build their data infrastructure so key stakeholders can make solid data-driven decisions. On top of this we also provide BI, analytics & data science manpower to tackle even the hardest questions. No SDK technology.

Game & Monetization Design  

Challenges with setting up gacha drop-rates? In-game economy suffers inflation? How to add new progression system for high spending players? Our team of senior game designers & analysts can help you with all parts of design from core-game to meta layer, experiment design and hypotheses validation.

Special Offers Optimization

Most games on the market are not maximizing revenue as offers in the game are boring, irrelevant, wrongly priced or all three. We will analyze & segment your player base, create engaging offers and deliver relevant content at relevant time for a relevant price to maximize revenue.

User Acquisition & Creatives Development

With more than 600 games submitted every day on stores it is incredibly difficult to scale your game. Our UA managers, copy writers, 2D & 3D artists & motion designers will help you profitablscale your game using your or our money across 30 UA channels.

Ad Optimization

Ad monetization YoY growth is already much higher than IAP growth. Our expertise covers waterfall management, deal negotiation, benchmarking of ad networks while everything stays under your account. We also understand ad placements and how to increase ad engagement by utilizing best practices in game design.


Introducing ability to attribute & monetise players outside of Google Play who are not reachable by any other way. We can negotiate key telco deals so your game can get featured. The only approach on telco channels to get significant revenues (one non-exclusive contract with access to all subscription and premium based channels all over the world for your game).

You will be in great company.

Our team at SuperScale helps the world’s top game developers, publishers such as Electronic Arts and entertainment brands like LEGO to get their flagship mobile titles successfully into market in the best possible shape with the most effective UA spend.

Our partners..

..and some games we are working on.

What others say about us.

Superscale has provided us with valuable help and expertise on developing our BI systems, user acquisition pipeline and providing insightful feedback to our game designers. They have a great team of people focused on different areas around operating a F2P service and we’re happy to push our game Battle Legion all the way to global launch together!

Riku Rakkola

CEO of Traplight

For the past 3 years, Superscale has been a key partner in lifting Fingersoft’s analytics, special offers and UA operations to a whole new level in Hill Climb Racing 2.

Ville Rauma

Acting CEO of Fingersoft

SuperScale helped us with our Almost A Hero game by developing our business analytics, UA evaluation, UA optimization infrastructure, UA campaign management and providing well-performing ad creatives that didn’t compromise on the game’s brand and guidelines. We look forward to collaborating with SuperScale on our future titles.

Umit Cankay

Co-Founder & Executive Director of BeeSquare

We’ve worked with Superscale on Idle Coffee Corp already starting from a very early stage when the game was initially tested for market validation in December 2018. We were extremely pleased with the cooperation during the 5 month soft-launch phase which lead to an incredible global launch on iOS and Android. Superscale has provided us with the much needed bandwidth and expertise on all the marketing activities like App Store optimisation and assets, marketing tech stack, video-ad monetisation optimisation and all aspects of performance UA. We are without hesitation planning to extend our partnership with Superscale to our future game launches as well.

Antti Hattara

CEO of Starberry Games

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Our Team

With offices across the globe in London, Bratislava, Las Vegas, Berlin, Helsinki & Prague our team of 60 world class experts is ready to get your game to the next level.

Ivan Trancik

CEO & Founder

Alzbeta Trancik

Chief Strategy Officer

Jakub Marek

Chief Product Officer

Jakub Trancik

Chief Delivery Officer

MIikka Luotio

VP of Partnerships

Martin Sokol

Head of User Acquisition

Martin Luther

Head of Creatives

Robert Magyar

Head of Data Science


Game & Monetization Design

1. Game evaluation

Game & monetization design assessment done by senior game designers and analysts. Emphasis on high LTV design principles & shop design and content delivery.

2. Solutions design & roadmap suggestions

Cooperation with key stakeholders in the team. Creation & update of design & balancing documents. Preparation of feature roadmap.

3. Implementation

Full support during the whole process while features are developed & updated. Continuous testing of new builds & feedback.

4. Monetization upgrade & evaluation

Help with delivery of key game design updates. Evaluation of uplift brought – A/B testing with control groups.


1. Evaluation of previous UA & ASO efforts

Evaluation of past performance for all UA channels to assess game’s scalability. Store listing evaluation & optimization recommendations.

2. UA Infrastructure development

Combination of attribution, in-game, store & Ad Data to build UA pipeline.

3. UA management, creative development & ASO

Creative evaluation, optimization & development (banners, 2D & 3D assets, videos). Competitors analysis & ASO experiments management. UA campaigns planning, management & evaluation.

4. UA campaign optimization & LTV forecasting

Bidding & Targeting optimization. Using LTV predictions in UA campaigns optimization.

5. Scaling up the spend & continuous growth

Gradually increasing spend based on the game’s LTV via performance marketing. Dedicated managers, creatives and infrastructure!

Special Offer Optimization

1. Analysis of current offer structure

From store design through global event offers to special, segmented offers. Missed opportunities recognition.

2. Evaluation of targeted offers delivery infrastructure (if applicable)

Focusing on both logical and technical part. Implementation of flawless data tracking that allows for precise ad hoc evaluation.

3. Analysis & segmentation

Performing thorough analyses of past data the dedicated team introduces first model(s). Data scientists introduce machine learning techniques.

4. Implementation

The backbone of special offer system is cloud-based therefore reliable and easy-to-access. Cost saving through automation (automated ETL jobs).

5. Special offers evaluation & iteration

The segmentation model is a subject to continuous A/B testing. As soon as the true uplift of an iteration is evaluated, another one is released.


Case Study: Hill Climb Racing 2

Increase LTV by implementing deeply personalized special offers.


52% true LTV uplift

Scope of cooperation

Support with setup of segmentation and personalized offers delivery stack. Creating segments, offers, pricing and executing iterations of personalized offers. Evaluation of offers and preparation of reports.

1. special offers optimization using only existing content in the game 2. data science used for modelling of purchasing and gameplay behavior 3. find the right price value content for each player individually 4. hyper-segmented offers (in some iterations up to 40k unique offers)


We implemented control groups so we could measure true uplift (10% of all payers & non-payers). Result was 52% true LTV uplift for users who received personalized offers vs control group (users with baseline monetization who received only non-personalized offers).

Case Study: Darts Club

Redesign of meta-game (gacha, progression) with focus on high LTV to support scalability through UA.


280% ARPDAU uplift


11x ARPU D28 increase

Scope of cooperation Redesign of meta-game (gacha, progression) with focus on high LTV to support scalability through UA. Data tracking specification & analytics setup, soft-launch assistance, design and evaluation of dozens of game-balancing experiments.


Before cooperation the game was unscalable with ARPU D28 – $0.16 Done: redesigned shop, several upgrades of Ad Monetization, improvement to width and depth of core gacha systems and game currencies, design & execution of LiveOps events, introduction of personalized special offers.


Profitable scaling thanks to 11x higher LTV ARPU D28 – $1.77 Over $5.00 iOS Attributed LTV 280% ARPDAU uplift

Case Study: Tanks a Lot!

Improvement of long-term monetization through economy redesign and special offers system.


49% LTV uplift

Scope of cooperation

Monetization design and roadmap prioritization. Shop and special offers rework. Support with setup of segmentation and personalized offers delivery stack. Creating segments, offers, pricing and executing iterations of personalized offers.

1. Special Offers system rework (hundreds of special offers, multiple combinations of content bundles). 

2. Shop Redesign. 3. Early End-Game Progression Rebalance (damage of turrets, HP, scaling rewards, virtual economy)

49% LTV uplift

120 % Net ROI of UA Campaigns $2.1M Special Offers Revenue

Case Study: Coffee Corp

Scaling the game to the full potential through profitable UA with in-house creatives and ASO.


-50% overall CPI decrease

Top 1 iOS US Games

Scope of cooperation

UA campaigns planning, management & evaluation. Creative evaluation, optimization & development (banners, 2D & 3D assets, videos). Competitors analysis & ASO experiments management.

Introduction and testing of custom Lookalikes. Micro-Segmented Campaigns. Fast consecutive creative iterations. ASO assets production, experiments planning & management.


Top 1 in iOS US Games on Global Launch 50% CPI decrease 32% CVR increase

Case Study: Battle Legion

Exploring scalability of the game by paid UA and supporting an investor pitch deck.


-70% overall CPI decrease

Scope of cooperation

UA campaigns planning, management & evaluation. Creative evaluation, optimization & development (banners, 2D & 3D assets, videos). Competitors analysis & ASO experiments management.

Creative analysis, evaluation and optimization. Consecutive ASO support. UA campaigns planning, management and optimization.


70% CPI decrease 85% CTR increase 16% CVR increase

Case Study: Build a Bridge!

Significant download boost on Google Play thanks to strategic release timing on our channels.


450% daily installs increase

Scope of cooperation:

UA campaigns planning, management & evaluation. Creative evaluation, optimization & development (banners, 2D & 3D assets, videos). Distribution outside Google Play & Monetization of TIER 3 countries users. Competitors analysis & ASO experiments management.

Distribution outside Google Play & Monetization of TIER 3 countries users.


450% daily installs 50% DAU increase Featuring in 56 countries


Here you can find our product & service offering – if you feel our offering doesn’t match your specific needs, please contact us and our delivery team will make sure to figure out a way to help you.


Our Assessments help you understand the overall scalability of your game by auditing business data health, identifying profit-scaling opportunities, benchmarking them against competition & assessing ability to execute profit-scaling actions for your game across all business verticals. 

Growth through UA

Our User Acquisition maximizes returns on ad spend by targeting valuable players and optimizing your UA funnel.

Growth through LTV optimization

We help you improve your game’s monetization and overall design to maximize LTV.

BI & Analytics

Our Analytics products & services support your data analytics and BI needs, either fully supplementing in-house team or extending your existing team & data infrastructure where needed.

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