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Our team at SuperScale helps the world’s top game developers and publishers like Fingersoft, Paradox, Frogmind (in partnership with Supercell) and BoomBit to get their flagship titles successfully into market in the best possible shape with the most effective UA spend.


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Occasionaly posting about conferences we’re going to visit

Night of Chances Prague 2019

For those who missed, Ivan Trancik is going to talk about How to make a global hit out of a mobile game again tomorrow. Come and join the party at[…]

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Reboot Develop Blue here we come!

We are at Reboot conference in Dubrovnik from 11th April till 13th April. Feel free to stop by and have a chat with our people 🙂

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Night of Chances Technology Bratislava 2019

Today, Ivan Trancik is going to have a talk about How to make a global hit out of a mobile game for Nexteria IT Club. Come and join the party[…]

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