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Unlock your game’s full profit potential
with our cutting-edge technology and
top-grossing games know-how!

You keep the IP and control

Your game IP is an invaluable asset, and we’re here to support its expansion.

Fair, flexible business model

Ranging from uplift-only deals to tailored publishing solutions.

Long term partnership

Thinking 5+ years ahead within a true partnership model.

Who we work with

We are SuperScale

We help game developers like you maximize revenue by optimizing existing games, scaling new releases, and expanding your game IP by co-developing new titles.

Understand and unlock your game's potential

Assessment & Game potential Audit

Find out the true business potential of a game.

Advanced analytics with SuperPlatform

Our proprietary technology is designed specifically to boost your game’s earning power and portfolio performance.


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Tailored Publishing services

Full publishing capabilities without the downsides of the traditional publishing model.

Game Management Partnership

A one-stop-shop publishing solution tailored for mobile game developers and publishers.


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Meet the team

Find out more about the experts managing mobile games to greatness.

Ivan Trancik

Chief Executive Officer

Alzbeta Trancik

Chief Commercial Officer

Nikola Mitic

Chief Operating Officer

Wojciech Mazur

Game Production Director

Chris Kusak

Lead Business Development Representative