Can legacy titles save the mobile game industry?

With the industry at a critical inflection point, many developers are asking, ‘Where do we go from here?’ We asked over 500 game developers about how they’re managing their portfolios

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What is Legacy Game Management and how is it a win for developers?

Tough times in the gaming industry In an industry where 76% of launched games experience their peak revenue within the first year, and 83% of games die within 3 years,

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Flexing our Mad Skills with Turborilla

There are fun racing games, then there’s the Mad Skills series from maverick Swedish developers Turborilla.  At SuperScale, we’ve been fans for years, so we’re pretty excited that Turborilla is

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Right offer, right player, right time. How SuperScale does tailored IAPs.

In the ever-changing world of mobile gaming, understanding how your game performs and how players behave is crucial to staying competitive and profitable. At SuperScale, we’ve mastered a data-driven approach

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How to drive UA growth in the most competitive season 

Marketing reaches peak intensity from the month before Halloween to the end of the year. With major global brands competing over holiday dollars and game companies promoting seasonal events, pricing

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SuperInsights’ ROAS predictions: How UA teams use them to make campaigns
profitable faster

Welcome to our second SuperInsights blog. In our first article, we gave you an inside look at our Personalized UA Playbook. Today, we’re going to dig into one feature of

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Introducing our Personalized UA Playbook

Find out more about our free, tailored insights and 30-day dashboard trial. Over the summer we launched our Personalized UA Playbook, a free resource that can help you tap into

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Digigo partners with SuperScale to drive commercial success for their
top-performing legacy title

Ireland-based developer Digigo has launched a range of popular mobile games in the last few years, from wilderness adventure Rangi to business simulator My Success Story. We’re delighted to form

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5 ways to return your old game to
peak performance

As the mobile games industry grows up, older games – so-called legacy games – make up a growing portion of market inventory. But changes to the data landscape, and in

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