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Code of



SuperScale always respects applicable laws and requires everyone working with or on behalf of SuperScale to comply with the applicable laws as well and to act ethically. Our Code of Conduct represents and reflects our commitment to the highest ethical standards set out within our company.

Our Code of Conduct represents the main values we share in our company and applies to all of us at SuperScale, our employees and individual partners/principals, which provide products or services to SuperScale, or that are engaged or instructed to act for or on behalf of SuperScale. We also demand for our customers, consultants, distributors, suppliers, and other representatives to share and have the same values.


In SuperScale, we are passionate gamers and analysts at heart, who know how to unlock a game’s true potential based on data. We believe the key to highest growth is understanding your data and being able to identify growth opportunities based on players’ behavior and market trends hidden in data.

  • We pursue our commitment to doing business honestly, ethically, and with respect for one another. The way we do our business is focused on and promote following:
  • We conduct honestly and ethical in all internal and external relationships.
  • We act with integrity, competence, diligence, respect, and in an ethical manner with the public, clients, prospective clients, employers, employees, or colleagues.
  • We protect all confidential, personal, and proprietary information regarding us, our business partners, and customers.
  • We support internal reporting of any violations and actions in conflict with this Code of Conduct.

We do business in compliance with applicable law, regulations, and directives.
This Code underpins our ability to behave in a manner consistent with our values. The aim of our Code of Conduct is not to replace the legislation, and in any case, our Code of Conduct conflicts with local legislation, the legislation takes precedence.

We may change this Code of Conduct from time to time by posting the most current Privacy Policy and its effective date on our website.

1. Human Rights and Labor Standards

In our company we respect, support, and deeply care about internationally proclaimed human rights.


We comply with applicable local labor and employment laws and regulation and draw on internationally recognized labor principles in our approach to business especially with regard to employees’ and freelancer contracts, working hours, including overtime and overtime compensation.

Salaries and remuneration should be paid regularly and comply with the applicable local legislation and the local market situation. Employees should be entitled to take time off for established national and local holidays and should be granted the stipulated annual leave, sick leave and maternity/paternity leave without any negative repercussions.

We promote the working environment where everybody feels satisfied, motivated and as an integral part of our community.

2. Harassment, discrimination, and bullying

In our company, we value and promote the diversity including gender balance of our workforce as part of a competitive advantage. This is included also in the recruitment process, where SuperScale promotes diversity and takes into consideration the underrepresented gender with maintaining equal qualifications. In our workplace, we support working without fear of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.

SuperScale aims to provide a safe and non-threatening work environment where everybody should be treated equally, with respect and dignity and be given fair and equal opportunities for development. We are passionate about preserving our positive culture and ensuring that everyone is treated with respect, fairness as a valued member of our team.

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety at work for SuperScale is important. We take adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health to minimize the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment and by providing appropriate safety equipment. This includes physical as well as mental health.

Discrimination and Harassment

In practice harassment may take various forms including unwelcome physical or verbal contact, or repeated misconduct that may be seen as objectively offensive by a reasonable person. In our company, we highly respect feelings of others and do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or disrespectful behavior in the workplace. SuperScale and its employees must not discriminate based on origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age, or sexual orientation, or engage in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the above or any other potentially discriminatory reason.


We are committed to the quality of truthfulness guided by moral convictions and uphold moral uprightness and require all our employees to conform with values of true honesty and accuracy.

3. Confidentiality and Privacy

We strongly value the privacy and confidentiality within in outside of our company. Confidential information consists of any information that is not or not yet publicly available including trade secrets, business, marketing and service plans, consumer insights, engineering and manufacturing ideas, product recipes, designs, databases, records, salary information and any non-published financial or other data.


SuperScale provide safeguards for confidential information and personal information of others that collected, held, and used. We respect that third parties have a similar interest in protecting their confidential information. In case that third parties, such as suppliers or customers of share confidential information with us, such information shall be treated with the same care as if it was confidential information of SuperScale.


We respect the confidentiality of employee information. As with consumer and client information, we take measures to protect our employees’ personal records and information. Only those with appropriate authorization may access employment records, and they may do so only for legitimate legal or business purposes. 


More information about how we process personal data are in our Privacy policy and with respect our use of cookies in our Cookie policy.

4. Technology Use and Security in the Workplace

As a company with focus on game business analysis, our technology resources, including computer hardware, software, mobile devices, and tablets, are important to the work we do. As a modern, forward-looking business, SuperScale recognizes at senior level the need to ensure that its business operates smoothly and without interruption for the benefit of its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. For this purpose, SuperScale has developed an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with international standard ISO/IEC 27001 and independent cybersecurity reputation risk management solution provided by CyberGRX. You can find more information in our Information Security.

We rely on our employees to protect, secure, and use devices appropriately for business purposes. As information drives our business and allows us to connect people globally, we have strict rules about securing electronic assets, in the office and while traveling.

Protecting our Information Systems

We rely on our employees to protect, secure, and use our devices appropriately for business purposes. When using our information systems and technology, our employees shall protect them from viruses, data breaches and other risks. Occasional personal use of things, like work email or the web, is generally permitted, but we rely on our employees to use good judgment, and to never access unauthorized websites (e.g., gambling, or adult content). Our employees shall never share passwords or access codes, use unauthorized websites, Install unapproved software, applications, or hardware, or open suspicious or unsolicited email.

Protection of our Intellectual Property

We seek to protect all innovative ideas we develop in our work, such as patents or trademarks, which are all forms of intellectual property, and we respect the intellectual property rights of other as well. We never disclose it to a third party without prior approval. Anything you create, design or develop within the scope of your work for SuperScale is the sole property of our company.

We take care not to infringe patents, trademarks, or other rights. Intellectual property is a critical component of our business and the business of others. We all must do our part to ensure that it is protected.

5. Addictive Substances, Guns, Porn

SuperScale has strict approach to alcohol and drugs usage in the workplace. Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to perform your job and place others at risk. We have zero tolerance on drugs, alcohol, guns, and porn and our employees are prohibited from using, selling, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, or any illegal substance on our property or while working on our behalf.

Also, we do not allow individuals who produce, sell, distribute, offer, or are otherwise associated with guns, and porn to sell products to us or to provide services to us, to be on company premises or to be affiliated with SuperScale in any way.

6. Business Ethics

At SuperScale, we believe that the fair and right way to do business is the only way to do business. SuperScale aims to adhere all at SuperScale to the highest ethical standards and is committed to fair and honest competition.

In cases you face ethical dilemma, we all are responsible to take an action. Our success depends on making decisions that are consistent with our core values and principles.

Competition and Antitrust Legislation

We desire to compete successfully in today’s business environment and will always do so in compliance with applicable antitrust, competition and fair dealing laws. We do not engage or support unfair, misleading, or inaccurate comparisons, anti-competitive agreements, or arrangements.

Corruption, Bribery and Fraud

SuperScale does not tolerate and accept bribery and fraud in any form. We do not accept bribes, facilitation payments or extortion in any form, be it as a giver/initiator or as a receiver. We never promise, offer, or pay anything of value to someone with the intention of improperly influencing an official action or business decision to secure a business advantage.

Giving or Receiving Gifts

We seek for our employees to make ethical decisions when giving as well as receiving gifts in relation of strengthening business relationships. SuperScale employees should never accept or provide meals, entertainment, travel, or gifts that may influence or appear to influence the recipient or your ability to make objective decisions on behalf of SuperScale. Employees shall not give or accept gifts of cash, gifts prohibited by law, or gifts given as bribes, kickbacks or to secure an improper business advantage nor in the form of services or other non-cash benefits, such as the promise of employment.

Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance

For the operation of the business, it is critical to secure the integrity of our financial records and it is a key factor in maintaining the confidence and trust of our stakeholders. We must ensure that all transactions are properly recorded, classified, and summarized in accordance with our accounting policies. No employee may enter or remove information in the company’s books or records that intentionally hides, misleads, or disguises the true nature of any financial or non-financial transaction or result.

At SuperScale we strongly believe in transparent and consistent corporate governance practices and abide with the applicable regulations and standards in each of its geographical markets to protect the legitimate interests of all our stakeholders.

7. Misrepresentation

At SuperScale we always represent ourselves and do our business with authenticity. Our employees shall not knowingly misrepresent information in any form and shall conduct themselves genuinely avoiding false perceptions. It is a violation of our Code of Conduct to hide, falsify, misrepresent, or alter documents or data regarding the SuperScale.

8. Environment and Sustainability

From the way SuperScale do the business, we encourage the reduction of our impact on the environment and support the development of environmentally friendly technologies. SuperScale continuously seeks ways to reduce the consumption of resources including energy, waste, and water, prevent pollution, have noise levels at acceptable levels and improve the overall environmental impact of its operations and products along the value chain. We meet legal environmental requirements and comply with all required environmental permits and licenses needed for our operations. We seek to comply with current environmental standards and work to minimise the impact of our business on the environment mainly by:

  • reducing waste going to landfill by providing in-office recycling facilities for office waste;
  • using FSC-certified paper where possible;
  • preferring devices with an emphasis on eco-friendly materials;
  • using energy efficient off-site servers where practicable; and
  • encouraging our staff to reduce energy consumption within the office environment.