What we do

We are SuperScale, a specialist tech company that exists to drive success for mobile games. We work with game companies of all sizes, from indies to AAAs, who want the highest possible returns from their titles, while keeping their IP and overall control.

Our expertise

Our 80-strong team includes data scientists, developers, creatives, business analysts and growth marketers, working together to unlock new levels of revenue for mobile games.
Rapidly assess the long-term profitability of various UA channels & campaigns and adjust investments to maximize profitability with detailed SKAN-ready ROAS forecasts.

How we do it

At the heart of it all is SuperInsights, our purpose-built analytics engine, which our experts and partners use to predict the precise actions that will drive commercial success.

How we’ve grown

Our team

Meet the experts taking mobile games to new levels of success.

Ivan Trancik

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paraag Amin

Chief Financial Officer

Alzbeta Trancik

VP of Strategy & Product

Wojciech Mazur

Head of Game Management

Milan Strba

Professional Services Director

Katarina Vicenova

People Operations Director