User acquisition,


With more than 600 games submitted every day on stores it is not easy to grow audience for your game. Our UA & ASO managers, copy writers, 2D, 3D artists & motion designers will help you profitably scale your game across most profitable UA channels and optimize your store listing.


While there are more ways how to grow revenue of your game, if you want to really scale your game you need to focus on UA. With tens of millions of dollars in profitable spend our team is well equipped to scale your game up. 

UA Management / Media Buying

Our paid User Acquisition maximizes returns on ad spend by targeting valuable players and optimizing your UA funnel.

We always explore essential KPIs in Tier 1 countries while targeting mobile players at  .

Using previously built creatives and new creatives.

Choosing campaign optimization depending on the goals of the game/studio.

Creative Production / Assets

We can help you with creating videos or statics ads which are based on marketing research, direct and indirect competitors, actual gaming trends and our experience.

We create the ASO creatives for App store and Google Play. We can work with your assets but also create new ones with our 2D/3D artist team.

App Store Optimization

Thanks to our localization strategy you would be able “to reach users that is GP (app store) algorithm failing to address” / “to reach full potential of both stores users base and address hundreds of millions players”.

Advanced keyword research executed with consideration of different wording for each market will improve app visibility.

Thanks to our experience with numerous successful creative efforts we can help you optimize CVR to its full potential.


Our process may be different to what you have experienced so far. No sugar-coating, no wishful thinking. We help you scale your game to the maximum potential. If there are any obstacles in the way you will know before your investment gets too big. 



We audit critical parts of your setup to determine overall profit-scaling readiness of your game. We prepare plan for a Pilot engagement.

2 weeks, money-back guarantee.



We assess the maximum scalability potential of your game by demonstrating a profit scaling opportunity through series of experiments.

One-time project, 4-12 weeks.



We focus on achieving your growth goals for your game, whether it is maximizing the overall profit or maximizing the scale.

On-going cooperation & partnership.


Because the results we bring our partners speak more than words.




per month or 10% of monthly media spend

  • Past UA Assessment
  • UA Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Bidding & Targeting Optimization
  • LTV & Roas Predictions
  • UA Evaluation (Dashboards & Reports)




per month or à la carte pricing

  • Creative Audit
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Creative Briefs
  • 2D & 3D Production (Banners, Videos, Playables, Motion-Graphics, ASO Creatives etc.)




per month (starts with initial ASO assessment)

  • Past Experiments Assessment
  • CRO & Discoverability Strategy
  • Metadata Optimization
  • CRO
  • Experiments Design, Execution & Evaluation
  • ASO Creative Production (Screenshots, Videos etc.)

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