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Smash through plateaus

Take your game further with a dedicated team

Conquer new peaks while staying focused on your business. With Active Game Management, we unlock new revenue for share-of-uplift, scaling your game while building stellar LTV.

  • Get unstuck and start scaling
  • Boost headcount without hiring
  • Data-led, sustainable results
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How it works

We take a fresh look at your game, identifying how to take it to the next level, then we manage revenue upwards, working with you at every step.

We assess your game’s performance
We create your success roadmap
We build new content, features and LiveOps tools
We look for opportunities to improve
We drive growth with UA and creative

How we do it

Here are just some of the ways we take active games to the next level.

Product management

Development optimization

In-game economy

Including IAP & ad monetization

Game design

Development, quality assurance and content creation


Integration and execution


Integration and execution

Growth marketing

Organic and non-organic channels

Meet the team

Find out more about the experts managing mobile games to greatness.

Ivan Trancik

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Kusak

Lead Business Development Representative

Wojciech Mazur

Game Production Director

Alzbeta Trancik

Chief Commercial Officer