There are fun racing games, then there’s the Mad Skills series from maverick Swedish developers Turborilla

At SuperScale, we’ve been fans for years, so we’re pretty excited that Turborilla is the latest company to join a whole suite of others as one of our Game Management partners. 

Our Game Management model has been getting a lot of interest this year as developers look to maximize revenue from all their titles without diverting resources from new games. Unlike a traditional publishing arrangement, owners keep their IP and overall control. It’s a win-win-win. More revenue, no upfront investment, and it’s still very much your game. 
Biker cruising down dirt path

We’ll be working on Mad Skills BMX 2, a PvP full of attitude, where custom bikes battle to the finish line.  If you’ve played it, you’ll know that banter, cool characters, and personalization make it a bit of a party, whether you end up dialing buttery combos or ending in the alligator pit. 

Ivan Trancik, SuperScale CEO, says

“These games stood the test of time and proved their evergreen appeal to a dedicated audience of players. We are super happy to partner with the Turborilla team to unlock the full potential of the Mad Skills games with our unique mix of publishing and optimization capabilities wrapped in a fair business model.”

Mattias Wiking, CEO at Turborilla says

“We build games with a lot of personality, and it’s rare to find a commercial partner who is creatively on that level while delivering on tech and strategy as well. SuperScale’s Game Management model is exactly what our business needs right now, and we can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us.”

Find out more about Turborilla here