SuperScale is excited to announce a new partnership with Aethir, a leading AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) provider. This collaboration aims to improve the marketability and scalability of mobile, web, and PC games using Aethir’s cutting-edge cloud computing technology alongside SuperScale’s assessment, publishing, and game management services.

Aethir is the go-to company for AI-focused GPU services. Their decentralized cloud system helps GPU providers tackle AI and machine learning jobs. They also offer virtual computing power and GPUs for cloud gaming, partnering with big telecom companies worldwide.


SuperScale will use Aethir’s cloud streaming technology to improve user acquisition performance for mobile games by enabling players to play the game before downloading or purchasing it.

Together, SuperScale and Aethir will demonstrate that immediate gameplay post-ad can turn viewers into active players. Analyzing data will prove that Aethir’s instant play cloud gaming cuts UA costs, providing a fresh user flow for developers. This partnership benefits both: Aethir enhances game performance with SuperScale’s expertise, driving growth, while SuperScale cements its leadership in game management, showcasing its ability to boost performance.


Find out more about Aethir here. If you’re interested in how SuperScale can boost your game’s success, get in touch with us.