We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Reality+ on the “Doctor Who: Worlds Apart” trading card game. This game is a fun way to bring together the famous Doctor Who series and the new technology of blockchain, allowing fans across the globe to enjoy a unique gaming experience.

Reality+ is leading the way in creating new kinds of digital experiences using Web3 technology.

Working closely with BBC Studios, they’ve crafted a game that lets Doctor Who fans collect and trade special digital cards, each one protected on the blockchain as a unique, Digital Collectible. 

What makes Reality+ stand out is their ability to use the latest tech to create engaging experiences for fans. They’re building a space where Doctor Who enthusiasts can gather, compete, and share their love for the series in a new and interactive way. This approach doesn’t just celebrate Doctor Who’s past; it brings it into the future of gaming and digital collecting.

Our job at SuperScale is to make sure “Doctor Who: Worlds Apart” is not just successful but sets new standards for gaming. We’re here to support Reality+ by using our knowledge in growth marketing, creative production, and strategic game optimization. We aim to create a strong community and keep the game growing by coming up with fresh strategies to keep players engaged and excited.


Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality+, is excited about working together: 
“We’re excited to partner with SuperScale to help us launch our Doctor Who game, allowing as many people as possible to jump in and enjoy having the Whoniverse in their hands. SuperScale brings invaluable expertise and a brilliant track record, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.”


This partnership is more than just a team effort; it’s about merging our visions and dedication to innovation and quality. We’re excited to start this journey with Reality+ and confident that together, we will keep making outstanding games that meet the changing needs and desires of players all over the world.