Hi, I have seen your employees multiple times use “spending depth”. Please, can you explain the concept? Thank you very much.

We define Spending depth as the lowest amount of money effectively spent in game to progress to the endgame. This is important to know and design around, since successful free-to-play games are expected to be played for years and need to withstand many payments of the highly engaged players throughout the progression.

To calculate spending depth you need to:

  1. Identify what is the most effective way to progress through the game
  2. Define what items and currencies the player needs to obtain
  3. Calculate what is the total value of these items and currencies
  4. Find what is the most effective way to purchase them

It means that it covers only some part of the content. Skins are a good example, since usually they are not needed for progression. It also needs to cover discounts and special offers. If you design spending depth to be X and then offer 75% discount – actual spending depth will be only ¼ of X.

Example spending depth of some top grossing games:

  • Empires & Puzzles more than $400 000
  • Clash Royale above $15 000

Michal Minarik, Head of Game Design & Monetization