Ask the Experts #4 – Low eCPMs




Hello SuperScale, we’re a smaller studio with several games, but despite trying our best, our ADs have low eCPMs. Do you have any advice on what might be the cause? Thank you.

Low eCPMs can be caused by multiple different problems in the AD network setup and also by the player base. Most often it’s caused by:

  1. A Low number of different AD networks implemented. This doesn’t create enough competition between different AD providers and therefore creating an environment where providers can give creators low eCPMs.
  2. Lack of manual rates for AD impressions, which again, leaves the option of giving the creators lower eCPMs.
  3. Low variability in manual/bidding waterfall set up can cause weak performance.
  4. The country split of your player base has a huge impact on eCPM numbers. Tier 3 countries have much lower eCPMs than, for example, players from the USA and other Tier 1 countries because of their value. 

Robert Buzukasvili, Game Designer & Analyst

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