While configuring your initial Ad monetization setup can be done without many problems, getting the most out of it is no easy task. For many developers, Ad monetization often means implementing a single SDK, using a lone ad network to cover the basics. And we get that. You want to focus on crafting great games rather than optimizing every single aspect of monetization, drowning in data. 

However, we believe that ad monetization represents a significant yet often overlooked opportunity to scale your game’s revenue. In this blog, we explain a crucial aspect of the process – optimizing the setup of ad mediation platforms.

Two Key Strategies for Ad Monetization Improvement

Before exploring ad mediation, let’s touch on the two primary strategies for enhancing ad monetization:

Ad monetization game design optimization: This involves creating new ad placements, optimizing ad frequency, and refining reward systems within the game to increase overall engagement and revenue.

Ad Mediation Optimization: This focuses on fine-tuning the setup of existing Ad mediation platforms.

Why pay attention to Ad Mediation?

A well-executed ad mediation setup results in high competition among ads, leading to the following benefits:

Increased Fill Rate:

More ad networks mean increased inventory, pushing the fill rate closer to 100%.

Higher eCPM (effective Cost Per Mille):

Ad networks competing for impressions translate to a better eCPM.

Ad Revenue Growth:

Increased fill-rate and eCPM contribute to overall revenue growth.

SuperScale’s Data-Driven Approach to Optimized Ad Mediation

1. Assessing the current Ad Mediation setup

We start by leveraging our custom algorithms to assess the current ad mediation setup. Each Ad mediation setup consists of bidding and a waterfall part – that is what we call a hybrid setup, getting the best of both worlds. 

Google AdMob defines the bidding setup as when ad sources compete in a real-time auction. The mediation platform asks all ad networks involved how much they’re willing to pay for a specific impression at that moment. The ad networks then answer with offers, and from there the ad mediation platform will pick the highest offer.

A waterfall ad mediation setup is where a mediation platform asks each ad network if they are willing to buy an impression for a specific price. If the ad network does not accept, it moves ‘down the waterfall’. If the offer is accepted, the waterfall has a winner.

The hybrid setup enables us to always get the highest eCPM (effective cost per mille), resulting in more ad revenue. 

2. Evaluating Ad network selection

The total number of ad networks within the setup is crucial. We consider various elements like geolocation and game genre to select the most suitable ad networks, encouraging natural competition and increasing eCPM.

3. Optimizing setup for each network

After selecting the right ad networks, we focus on finding the optimal setup for each of them. This involves testing different configurations, including bidding and waterfall setups, to discover the sweet spot for maximum revenue generation.

4. Revenue distribution analysis within waterfall zones

In waterfall setups, understanding revenue distribution across different zones is essential. We conduct a detailed analysis to identify the zones that contribute most significantly to revenue. We’re always looking for even distribution, making sure we squeeze every last cent of ad revenue. 

5. Multiple A/B Tests

The fun does not stop after the initial analysis and optimization. Quite the opposite – we continuously run multiple A/B tests to hit the optimal setup and ad revenue sweet spot. 

The more players a game has, the quicker the A/B tests can be. In some cases, with large enough data sets and a large volume of players, we can iterate daily, meaning the whole ad mediation setup can be optimized in less than a fortnight.

Real results: What we’ve achieved

Enough theory; let’s showcase what we’ve achieved for one of our partners. 

Just by implementing the right ad networks and mediation setups, we achieved a 70% spike in AdARPDAU (Average Ad Revenue Per Daily Active User) from day one. We then ran multiple A/B tests over the course of 3 months until we reached the point where the game’s Ad mediation was fully optimized, resulting in an overall 121% AdARPDAU increase, while the player’s LTV increased by 35%. 

The best part? These changes significantly enhanced the effectiveness of future UA campaigns, ensuring that each new player contributed to increased revenue.

Generally, you can expect these results:

  • 10-20% uplift in ad revenue within days in most ad mediation setups.
  • Extra revenue from the 1st day of the new setup.
  • Up to 300% ad revenue increase for partners with only 1 ad network.
  • More effective UA campaigns thanks to increased LTV.

There’s more to what we can do

Ad mediation optimization is a pivotal aspect of maximizing in-game ad revenue. We use our custom algorithms and expertise in game management to make sure no revenue is left on the table. 

Keep in mind that Ad mediation is just a small part of what we can do with SuperScale’s Game Management. Talk to us about unlocking your untapped revenue potential.

Stay tuned for more insights from SuperScale.