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Milan Strba, Head of Growth at SuperScale shares his tips for a good growth strategy, what he thinks will be the future trends of the app marketing industry and whether you should invest in UA or organic growth first.

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My name is Milan Strba. I’m the Head of Growth Marketing at SuperScale and SuperScale is basically a full-funnel game growth platform for mobile games and blockchain apps.


What we do at SuperScale is analyze, optimize and scale but if you look only at the scale part you definitely need to understand your game. There are two ways and two main things on how to understand a game. One is retention, it’s a very important metric. And the second thing is monetization, is it ad-driven? Is it hybrid? Is it in-app driven? This is like the building block, you have to know this. Then you need to also have, in the modern era, your MMP set up so you are confident with your data. And the third thing is understanding your community. What drives them to play the game, why they choose your game and what would they like to see in the future. There are always some communities either Discord, Reddit or whatever. Or even reviews are enough in the stores. So knowing the monetization, retention, have your MMP set up and understand your community.


Organic growth. Don’t strive for perfection when I say organic growth. There are limits obviously, don’t try to have your game localized in fifty languages or something or, you know, having this keyword analysis for 6 months and so on. Compare yourself to like a good competition that you know is your strong competitor on the market, some big enterprises or some very successful one,s and if you are a small indie developer try to have a similar store but obviously with your design and your game and you know this aura in your store that would fit your game. And build on that and also try to reach and understand the communities that exist. The ASO and the organic are always a building block for supporting paid user acquisition. Because if you start with paid user acquisition and your store is in very bad shape you will feel it on the performance of paid user acquisition. 

I think the marketers are going to be more ok with the post-IDFA but the trend will be how they’re gonna be ok like the signals, it means like everybody’s going to diversify. Nobody’s going to rely on two or three ad channels. Don’t look at Facebook only, diversify Make a mix of socials, ad channels, and then we have Apple Search Ads and Google Ads. So make a mix of these four and find out what works. Don’t be scared. And tied to that, I believe we’ll see higher quality creatives and payables.

I think now is the time for playable ads. They have been in the industry for some time but many companies struggled with successful playable ads that could work and bring profit. Now the ad networks, at least the ones that I talk with the major ones they said that they prioritize you need to have playable ads otherwise you will get bad traffic or worse traffic. So having these higher-quality creatives and playables is gonna trend.