Nowadays, sustaining long-term success in the gaming industry is harder than ever and the stats from our latest white paper prove it, with a staggering 83% of games dying within 3 years. 

We know building new games is exciting, but there’s often still so much potential within older legacy titles, hence why you’ll often hear us saying – Good games don’t die. 

That’s why our Legacy Game Management service has been getting a lot of press lately, you can read more about it here.

The numbers behind Legacy Game Management

We begin by figuring out how your game is currently performing using a combination of our expertise, data and custom-built tools – more about this later in the blog. This helps us determine how investing in your game could affect its revenue. We look at the starting earnings, and predict the revenue downtrend – in other words, how your game’s revenue would do without any additional support or development. 

Next, we set the baseline revenue. Essentially, this is what we foresee as the absolute minimum amount of revenue your game should generate once our cooperation kicks off. 

Finally, we wrap up by forecasting how your game will grow once we’ve put our time, tech and expertise into it. We do this by carefully checking all the technical and business details, and making projections for several years ahead. 

All of this allows our in-house team of gaming experts to create a tailored strategy to achieve sustainable growth over a set number of years. Remember, we care about fostering long-term relationships with our partners, hence why we tend to talk in years and use the term ‘partner’ for anyone we team up with.

Oh, and remember the revenue baseline? Everything below it goes to you. It’s only when the revenue above the forecasted baseline is achieved that we begin to take our share. Sounds fair? We hope so. It’s why we preach that this model is ‘no risk, because we don’t take the IP, and you still retain creative input for the direction of the game. 

How are we able to pull this off?

You might be curious about how we can do all this confidently, especially in today’s market. Well, that’s where SuperInsights comes in, an analytics engine created in-house for boosting game earnings. Its smart predictions help us plan and predict game growth super fast and accurately.

Our tailored dashboards give specific insights for each game, allowing our gaming experts to work efficiently.

If your game studio has titles that could use a boost, SuperScale is here to support you. Feel free to get in touch, and let’s bring out the best in your games.