Podcast: SuperScale With No Strings Attached [Deconstructor of Fun]

The below extract was taken from: https://www.deconstructoroffun.com/blog/2019/8/23/mobile-publishing-4-super-scale-with-no-strings-attached

SuperScale was built as a games business analytics company that can understand and quantify individual business opportunities of a game. The added value comes from their in-house experts and three industry-leading solutions, ‘Analyze’ (ROAS), ‘Optimize’ (monetization) and ‘Scale’ (UA).

We are a strategic growth partner that wants to grow your game and your company under your own brand, no exceptions.

– Ivan Trancik, CEO & Founder of SuperScale

At the heart of SuperScale’s operations is the self-built ultra-scalable and modular analytics infrastructure, which serves as a foundation to everything the company does. ‘Analyze’ enables SuperScale to collect, combine and process all relevant sources of data, plug-in any first or third-party analytics as well as provide monitoring and optimization tools, all while maintaining a very reasonable cost level. 

Perhaps the best part about the company’s analytics infrastructure is that SuperScale sets it up with all of its partner studios as a managed service. This way, every studio SuperScale partners with has total control of their own data and service stack.



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