In this episode, we sit down with Jure Grahek, Head of Strategic Initiatives at ZEBEDEE, to discuss the world of Web3 gaming and gain insight into the P2E universe.

If you are interested in the blockchain space, want to know more about the challenges of scaling Web3 games, or want to learn more about the story of ZBD, this episode is for you.



  • Intros: 0.20
  • Jure’s favorite game of all time: 2.46
  • The current state and vision ZEBEDEE’s product(s): 3.51
  • The main focus for the company in 2023: 5.25
  • What cryptocurrencies are currently being used on the platform?: 8.12
  • How has the crypto winter affected the business?: 9:43
  • What is the largest transaction of money ever moved through the platform?: 12.08
  • Can you get rich playing ZEBEDEE’s P2E games?: 13.31
  • What is the target audience and what differences are there in P2E games?: 17.55
  • What is your main market and why?: 19.46
  • Where would you like to see your P2E market grow and does compliance hold you back?: 21.43
  • Plans to integrate more partners?: 20.10
  • Encountering abuse of the P2E system and exploiting the game: 28.18
  • The most important element SuperScale has helped with: 29.52


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