Even the most successful blockchain gaming publishers still rely primarily on organic growth. They too struggle with scaling their games & apps with performance-driven marketing results.

To grow blockchain games sustainably, like in mobile F2P markets, studios need updated fundamentals for performance-driven growth: Different audiences engage with blockchain titles with varying motivations: they require a new, data-driven understanding; New data sources, on-chain vs off-chain data; Advanced UA channels & attribution strategies; Onboarding & activation are challenging and very specific; Different ROAS modeling; What’s the relationship between tokenomics and performance marketing?;

This talk will give you the essentials of a sustainable growth strategy for your game. Not only will it reveal how to generate initial hype, but also how to attract and retain players for years to come.

SuperScale’s Ivan Trančík delivers a growth track session at Pocket Gamer Connects London, February 2022.

Ivan Trancik | CEO & Founder SuperScale presenting LIVE at PGC London 2022
Interview for Pocket Gamer
SuperScale Booth at PGC London 2022