SuperScale is thrilled to announce a partnership with Fungies, a leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) web shop solution tailored for mobile game studios, indie developers, and small publishers. Fungies simplifies the setup of digital storefronts, allowing studios to concentrate on game development rather than navigating complex commerce issues. 


Duc Vu Hoang | CEO at

“We’re pleased to partner with SuperScale to offer developers an alternative sales channel and reduce shop commissions. SuperScale’s extensive experience with numerous games and studios gives us confidence in their ability to implement our DTC solutions, helping developers retain more revenue and engage directly with their gaming communities.”


Fungies’ main goal is to offer developers and publishers an alternative sales channel, reducing their reliance on app stores and lowering high commission fees. By enabling direct sales to gaming communities, Fungies allows developers to keep a larger portion of each sale. This not only improves user experience but also boosts revenue by eliminating the typical 30% fees charged by platforms like the App Store and Steam.

SuperScale’s platform is ideal for testing and implementing new solutions across a diverse portfolio of games. Our collaboration with Fungies offers an excellent environment for studios to trial their DTC web shop solutions, optimizing functionality and reaching a wider audience. With the ability to target users based on cookies in web browsers and email addresses, studios can effectively market to their gaming communities.


Ivan Trancik, CEO & Founder of SuperScale:

“We’ve been looking for best-in-class partners with complementary offerings to drive further revenue growth of our partners and SuperPlatform users. This partnership with Fungies marks a significant step forward in our mission. By integrating Fungies’ DTC solutions to SuperScale’s offering, we empower our clients to reach their audiences more effectively and keep a larger share of their earnings.”


Fungies will be our preferred DTC partner for all our clients. We are excited about this collaboration and its potential to revolutionize in-game commerce. By combining SuperScale’s game management expertise with Fungies’ DTC solutions, we aim to deliver great value to our partners.

Find out more about Fungies here. Or, if you’d like to partner with SuperScale and see how we can help, get in touch.