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The current gaming market presents unique challenges for game publishers. Our recent whitepaper revealed that a staggering 83% of mobile games die within three years of launch. This high casualty rate underscores the difficulty game publishers face in capitalizing fully on their Intellectual Property (IP). This, combined with the heavy task of supporting flagship, legacy, and new titles all at once often results in untouched profits.

Against this backdrop, SuperScale employs a different approach with Game Management.

The SuperScale Solution: Game Management

Game Management uses cutting-edge technology and our top-grossing publishing expertise to scale games and boost profits. Our work is based on three core principles:

  • Retaining IP and control: We acknowledge that your Game IP is the most valuable asset. Therefore, our model places you in the driver’s seat, maintaining your ownership while we support its expansion.
  • Fair, flexible business model: We adopt an individualist approach, offering partnerships that range from uplift-only deals to tailored publishing solutions. This approach keeps in view the different needs of our clients.
  • Long-term partnerships: We view all partnerships through a long-term lens – thinking five to ten years into the future.

Retaining IP and control. fair, flexible business model. Long-term partnerships.

IP Expansion: The Key to Long-term Partnerships

For game developers, IP is a precious asset and often the cornerstone of business longevity. A strong IP can raise brand recognition, loyalty, and affinity, thus magnetizing a dedicated player base that repeatedly returns to the game or explores other games under the same banner.

However, many developers have yet to tap the potential of their IPs fully. With the right strategy, it can contribute significantly more to a company’s bottom line. IP expansion, among other strategies, can promise exceptional returns if managed correctly.

When developers expand their IP, they are essentially leveraging an existing asset to create new, lucrative opportunities. Crafting spin-offs or sequels, porting games to other platforms, or even licensing the IP for merchandise or media adaptations are all potential approaches for IP expansion. Executed effectively, IP expansion can lead to a surge in profits, increased brand visibility, and a diversified revenue model that cushions the company against potential market volatility.

In essence, understanding the enormous potential of game IP and investing in its expansion can catapult a game developer from mere survival to thriving success in the competitive mobile gaming market.

For SuperScale, IP expansion is a key part of our long-term partnerships. 

Here’s how we put IP expansion into action:

  • Scaling existing games to new regions: We take existing games to new and unexplored markets, unearthing fresh revenue streams.
  • Launching existing games on new platforms: We expand your game’s reach by launching it on other high-potential platforms.
  • Developing completely new games: Together, we get to the drawing board and develop brand-new games, creating whole new dimensions of engagement and revenue for your studio.

Real-Life Success: The Nimblebit Story

Our long-standing partnership with Nimblebit is a testament to the potency of our approach. Initially, we started with one legacy title, Tiny Tower, which you’ve probably read about already on our blog. In case you didn’t, we turned a classic into a star performer again, resulting in $4,5 million in revenue growth. 

Fast-forward to today, we’ve partnered on a wide portfolio of active games, even co-developing and launching new ones within the famous “Pocket” IP, like the latest franchise success Pocket Trucks (more on that later).

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Our approach embodies the true spirit of partnership. As we have our own “skin in the game”, we work resiliently to ensure success for our partners.

We help game studios succeed by making the most of their games. We plan for the future, focus on growing their games, and guide them through the unpredictable game market to achieve great success. Ready to level up? Let’s start the journey together!