This episode is hosted by our Founder, Ivan Trancik, and joining him as a guest is Ian Marsh, Co-Owner of NimbleBit. This really is a fascinating story as there aren’t many games that have stood the test of time and survived for over a decade. In fact, NimbleBit hasn’t just survived, it has thrived in recent years and one of their games has broken a 10-year-old monthly revenue record just last month! So, if you’re looking for advice or just want to hear this insightful yet interesting story, we recommend you give this one a listen!

Podcast Timestamps:

00 – Intro

1.28 – The history of NimbleBit

7.02 – Going against the grain and choosing the free-to-play model over a decade ago

8.58 – Where did they get the inspiration to choose a free-to-play model

9.50 – Choosing where to allocate resources with such a small team

16.23 – What options were NimbleBit considering in terms of growing /selling / partnering

27.48 – How you can leverage your community, especially when getting less player data

32.32 – Advice and learnings for up-and-coming new games or titles which are established / turning into a legacy game

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