“Look at the opportunities to learn because everything is about learning and growth margin. You need a marketable product. If you have a bad product, there’s nothing you can do. I’m an analyst, and I couldn’t fix a broken game. That is why you need a good product and team, along with the opportunity to learn and also fail.

Ivan Trancik

The below extract was taken from: https://www.storemaven.com/maximize-mobile-games-business-potential/

Key takeaways:

  • SuperScale is a technology solution company that helps games grow to their maximum potential. The team takes a holistic approach to find out a game’s weaknesses and comes up with solutions to increase performance. The company works with various game types, including hyper-casual, casual, and hardcore.
  • Translate the process of game growth into a business model. Identifying the best methodology of growing a game starts with analyzing things like UA and ASO. The next step is to understand how to optimize content for the players. 
  • There are several ways to acquire new quality players. Firstly, check the data to see if players play the game often. Secondly, identify the causes of the game’s negative results depending on its category. Thirdly, think about your game and how much you rely on it, especially when those spenders approach your user acquisition strategy.
  • Whether you monetize based on in-app purchases or through ads, focus on figuring out the true ROI on your budget spend and the performance of the channels you’re using. One challenge is the lack of effective optimization. Try diversifying the campaign mix and do some tests to evaluate potential results. 
  • Many things can go wrong in acquiring and integrating data and making the right decisions. One problem is data storage. Find out ways to integrate with a product to distinguish the devices from the same account. Take into account how data changes impact the performance of UA. Get a system to interact with the data and analyze simple business cases.
  • Within a purchase optimization, the change requires more expenses than optimization in the top end of the funnel or within ads. Focus more on the early stage in purchase optimization techniques to help the UA channels be more effective in finding you. 
  • For in-app purchase optimization techniques and strategies, you need to have a healthy economic situation. Start with less money and simple plans. Then figure out what the player wants and how much they can afford to pay to buy the content.


Source: https://www.storemaven.com/maximize-mobile-games-business-potential/