In the ever-changing world of mobile gaming, understanding how your game performs and how players behave is crucial to staying competitive and profitable. At SuperScale, we’ve mastered a data-driven approach to maximize game revenue. So, let us walk you through our process and show you how we leverage SuperInsights (our custom-built analytics tool) to increase revenue through targeted In-App Purchase (IAP) offers.

Getting prepared

Our journey begins with thorough preparation. Our team of experts in Game Management closely analyzes your game, comparing it to the competition. We deep dive into important metrics like player retention and monetization, identifying the game’s strengths and weaknesses.

SuperInsights’ dashboards play a pivotal role in this phase. On top of the ‘essential’ metrics, these dashboards focus on game economy, IAPs, and ad monetization as well. They’re also highly customizable with specific filters, allowing us to tailor our analysis to your game’s performance.

Evaluating IAP performance

When it comes to IAPs, we evaluate their performance based on factors like game genre, audience, player segmentation, the number and timing of IAPs, and pricing policies. For this purpose, SuperInsights provides specific dashboards to monitor IAP performance and identify areas of improvement.

dashboard tracking most important IAP metrics

Quite often, implementing higher tiers of IAP packages can lead to significant instant improvements, while a game rich in resources can benefit from custom offers tailored to specific player segments. The design of these offers is crucial in enhancing the player’s lifetime value (LTV).

Using data modeling and advanced segmentation

Imagine having a wide variety of game items that appeal to different players. How do you serve them to the right players? The secret lies in segmentation. We consider player traits such as engagement, preferences, and buying habits, to create a complex segmentation model.  

variety of in-game assets of Pocket Trucks game




Automating the process of offering personalized IAPs daily is our next step. We’re using our own personalization engine, which is able to learn players’ behavior and spending patterns, and configures game assets into unique offers for each player. We’re using probabilistic and machine learning models (XGBoost, Neural Networks) to understand not only the price, but also the content of the offers.

Simply put, we’re serving the right offers to the right players at the right time, maximizing revenue in the process. 

For a top 100 grossing simulation game, we’ve delivered more than 50,000 tailored offers daily to the right players, resulting in a remarkable 23% increase in player spending and an impressive 11% boost in overall game revenue.

personalization case study with 50 thousand unique offers resulting in 11% revenue increase

Data driven strategy destined for success 

At SuperScale, our strategy for increasing game revenue is rooted in thorough preparation, meticulous IAP evaluation, A/B testing, player segmentation, and LiveOps cooperation. This approach has proven successful in boosting revenue for numerous games.
In the dynamic world of mobile gaming, staying ahead requires not only a great game but also the right insights and strategies to make it thrive. SuperInsights is the tool that empowers us to do just that. Why not get in touch and see how we can skyrocket your game to greatness.