Welcome to our second SuperInsights blog. In our first article, we gave you an inside look at our Personalized UA Playbook. Today, we’re going to dig into one feature of SuperInsights, its ROAS predictions – and how they help you hone campaigns for fast, sustained revenue growth.

What is SuperInsights? SuperInsights powers everything we do here at SuperScale. A unique analytics engine that predicts mobile game revenue across a title’s entire commercial infrastructure, we use it to drive success for all our clients. In this series, we teach you how to use it too, whether you’re a developer, creative, growth manager or executive. Read more about SuperInsights here

About SuperInsights ROAS predictions

SuperInsights’ return on ad spend (ROAS) predictions give you highly accurate forecasts, not just on the campaign tactics that will bring you more players – but also long-term game revenue and which strategies, channels, creatives are bringing the most profit. 

What’s in it for you?

Within a few days, you know when to expect revenue to rise, and by how much, up to a year ahead – so you know when you’ll break even and see a profit from your game. You can also see the exact channels, creatives and tactics that are driving overall game earnings, and respond quickly, reinvesting or culling what’s not working right away.

This means better results, with less time and spend.

Our ROAS predictions in action

Working with one of our partners, we were able to increase UA spend sixfold from month to month, thanks to our confidence in SuperInsights’ ROAS forecasts. 

As a result, we not only brought in 50,000 new players within a month (the fastest growth the game had seen in years), but also saw profits rise, and stay, at record breaking levels.

In other words, a huge success – and it all starts with accurate, responsive ROAS predictions.

How can we predict ROAS so accurately? 

SuperInsights factors in the game’s unique retention rates, spending behavior and ad engagement patterns to give you a reliable picture of player LTV.

With just a few days’ worth of data data you can connect long-term player LTV to factors like installation time, the campaign that converted them or even particular channels they came from. Then tailor your campaigns to where you’ll see the most revenue. 

What makes SuperInsights’ predictions different?

  1. Compared to standard models, SuperInsights takes the whole journey into account, not just players’ most recent action, so you’re using it to build tangible value for your game and business.  
  2. The analytics engine is highly responsive, updating daily and identifying new patterns right away. So you can hone your campaigns fast, saving time and money on your way to success.
  3. Once you’re set up, you’ll see reliable predictions quickly. You don’t need a year of data for your first yearly ROAS. It usually takes a few days or weeks, depending on game size.
  4. Got a certain timeline in mind? SuperInsights visualizations are customizable and flexible, so if you want to see D720 predictions (or D90 or D7), you can. 
  5. You can also look at predictions and LTV curves in different levels of detail, comparing campaigns, media source, creatives and even regions. 
  6. SuperInsights’ creates predictions for your specific game, taking into account genre, player habits and other factors. Much more accurate than one-size-fits-all. 
  7. Includes predictions for SKAN so it’s relevant for iOS. 

How do SuperInsights ROAS predictions drive your team’s success? 

Aside from showing you when you’ll break even, you can learn a lot about your game and market with ROAS predictions this comprehensive, responsive and easy to understand. With SuperInsights, everyone from UA managers to devs and executives can build effective tactics faster and more accurately, driving success for your games and business at different levels.

Here are some things you can learn from SuperInsights ROAS predictions:

Understand when and how your game monetizes its players

SuperInsights takes into account what the overall monetization of the game looks like, including when players start spending  – whether a week after install, two weeks and so on. Connecting this information to UA is key for creating the right benchmarks, but it goes much further, helping you develop all kinds of tactics with player habits in mind. 

Know if a campaign is on track within a couple of days

Once it understands your game and players, SuperInsights can set accurate acquisition benchmarks much more quickly than you’d think – across countries, platforms and channels. That includes short term ROAS for D1, D3, D7. You’ll know where to spend more and what channels to kill to reach your targets, and then reach them sooner as a result.. 

Compare results to generate ever-more effective strategies

If you’re running more than 100 campaigns per month, how do you learn from them all? With SuperInsights, you get integrated as well as granular views, which means you can see how to improve your overall results with combined learnings. In addition to targeting, campaign set up, the quality of creatives and copy, SuperInsights can point you to the channel, platform and location combinations that are worth reinvesting in.

That saves a huge amount of time when you’re trying to plan new strategies or expand into new markets.

Identify new trends or behaviors early, so you can make quick, targeted adjustments

Since players behave differently, not just across platforms, campaigns, channels and territories, but also over time, it’s important to identify and act on emerging data quickly to stay ahead. SuperInsights monitors daily, weekly and monthly cohorts, so you can see what’s changing and respond quickly, harnessing new opportunities – and avoiding strategies that are played out. 

A simple workflow that suits your team 

SuperInsights ROAS Predictions are quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves. But the fact it’s so easy to use might be its best feature. Visualizations are easy to understand and customized to every member of your team who needs to use it. Most teams work in a simple monthly workflow, setting up benchmarks, monitoring predictions, reviewing and executing the strongest strategies, then using the resulting predictions to optimize and repeat. 

It’s a huge driver of success for all our partners. If you’re looking to make smarter UA investments, SuperInsights ROAS predictions could be the answer you’re looking for. Whatever the size of your data team, or your game, we’re here to help.