Greetings, despite trying multiple approaches, our game still has low ad revenue. Could you offer any advice? Thank you kindly, Mark.

Answer from our Expert:

The most common reason behind low ads/DAU (Impressions/Daily active user) and conversion to ad watching are unreliable ad placements in the gameplay. This is most often caused by:

  1. Ad placement is not clearly visible and doesn’t stand out during gameplay (e.g. icon/reward is not visible enough), essentially meaning it’s not attractive enough to make players click.
  2. The low reward for the player’s time seems unattractive in the economy. More often than not, players watch ads to help them progress in the game and so choosing a reward that players desire is paramount.
  3. Players might be unaware of the ad. Make sure you notify players well enough so the chances of them missing are minimized. 
  4. The ad placement not being eligible for all players i.e. It requires players to do something, reach a checkpoint, and/or run out of something to see it. 

Robert Buzukasvili, Game Designer & Analyst