With a string of successes under their belt our partner, a well-known games developer and publisher, seemed set for a surefire hit with their latest title, a fun multiplayer darts game. But there was a snag: the game seemed unscalable. The game was making less than $0.20 per user after 28 days, and a low return on investment for acquiring new users at only around 33%).  How full-funnel optimization created 100% revenue growth That’s where SuperScale came in. Once we’d finished pitting the office against each other in a battle to crown a SuperScale darts champion (there may have been a trophy), we set to work identifying where we could help. Our goal was to redesign the game’s mechanics, with a focus on creating a better player experience that would encourage users to spend more over time. This way we could attract more players through effective advertising, while reducing churn, ultimately making the game more profitable. First, we worked with the game owner on creating comprehensive monetization strategies, encompassing economy and progression design. Everyone loves a promo, so we dedicated our attention to crafting special offers (progression, cyclic, gem, and seasonal), aligning them with targeted pricing to compliment live events. Another key aspect we addressed was the design of the actual clubs, a social feature intended to support offer cycles, along with the creation of seasons to optimize revenue generation. We worked on incorporating ad revenue features like free rewards cycles and skillshots, as well as ensuring a balanced matchmaking difficulty. Finally, we gave the game’s online shop a makeover, refining currencies and enhancing the scope and intricacy of core gacha systems. We also created a series of exciting events, with innovative ad monetization designs at their core.  Did it work? We’ll let the results speak for themselves.  Our results

  • Metagame redesign saw an 11x ARPU D28 increase 
  • Events and offers system saw a + 280% relative ARPDAU uplift
  • Profitable scaling (300k monthly UA spend)
  • 11x higher LTV
  • Over $5.00 iOS attributed LTV
  • 280% ARPDAU uplift after launch
  • 10x ad monetization after launch – from 90% IAP driven game, to 50/50 Ads/IAPs

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